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Supporting you to find balance, wellbeing and growth during the many seasons of life

Seasons of Life – Our Story


A Word

From our founder

” Seasons of Life Counselling was founded in 2017 and finds it roots in the rural and regional communities of South Australia. We aim to provided much needed counselling and specialist services to these areas which are chronically under-serviced with professional, affordable and accessible services.

“Our down-to-earth, friendly and warm approach has seen us grow and expand. Yet we continue to put easy access to quality counselling services at the forefront of what we do”.

– Penny Adams

Seasons of Life Counselling

Vision – Mission – Values


Our Vision

To provide a range of professional, accessible and affordable online counselling and specialist wellbeing services in regional, rural and remote areas of South Australia and beyond, so that ALL people regardless of location can find balance during the many seasons of life.


Our Mission

Our name reflects our belief that everyone goes through many seasons of life and that sometimes we all need help and support to navigate those sesasons.

We are especially dedicated to supporting members of rural, regional and remote areas of South Australia by providing them with much needed access to counselling and mental health and specialist services that otherwise may not be accessible.

Our supportive, compassionate counselling helps clients feel heard, valued and motivated to find balance and acheive their goals in life.

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Our Values

Ensuring that the communities of rural, regional and remote SA are provided with the services that are needed

Endeavouring to maintain zero to low wait times, so that people can get the support when they need it.

A committment, where possible to offer availability outside of work hours, including Saturdays and evenings.

Ensuring that our counsellors are professional, suitably qualifed and belong to a counselling association

The belief that people possess many resources, skills and strengths and that counselling provides a mechanism to draw out those qualities and empower people.

The belief that the medical model of counselling support is excessively clinical. We ensure our counselling is built through mutual professional relationship that is client led rather than  being diagnostic and outcome driven.

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People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds

~ Carl Rogers ~

Do you feel frustrated and hopeless because there are no counsellors available in the country?

You finally find someone only to be told there is a 6 month waiting list?

Are you fed up with having to take time off work and drive to the city to get the support you need?


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Our counsellors provide a range of counselling services to meet your specific needs

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Are you in a relationship or marriage that needs help? Let our trained couples counsellors help you get your relationship back on track


“Penny was always warm and understanding, and our sessions were flexible and affordable”


I came to counselling to develop some better strategies for tackling anxiety and process through some past experiences. Penny helped me to practice some strategies that worked for me and reframe my way of thinking about anxiety. She was always warm and understanding, and our sessions were flexible and affordable. I saw some real progress during our sessions. Thank you, Penny


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How our counsellors and practioners work

Please note: all counsellors/practitioners that provide services through and as part of Seasons of Life Counselling team are independent sole practitioners who hold their own business ABNs and Insurance. Your practitioner will hold your confidential client case notes and these will remain in their possession, whether they remain at Seasons of Life Counselling or cease their contract with us. Seasons of Life Counselling / Penny Adams is not liable for practitioner conduct or case notes. This information is outlined in more detail in the client counselling agreement you recieve upon booking with us.

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