The Ultimate Guide to Taming FIFO Transitions

taming fifo transitions

The ‘Must Have’ Guide that will help you tame those FIFO transitions in your family

I get it. You are both looking forward to seeing each other after a swing, the kids are excited. One of you wants a break from all the responsibility and the other just wants a break from work.

Even though you have the best intentions the minute you reunite, chaos seems to reign in the house. Kids want dads attention, you both want a break and yet you also want to see your partner but may feel like your needs aren’t important.

Well I have just what you need, this guide has step by step strategies you can put in place today that is going to make your transitions smoother. You will learn:


How to reconnect with your long-term goal or dream as a FIFO couple

How to find and express gratitude for the FIFO lifestyle

How to understand each others needs and manage expectations

How to understand your behaviour at FIFO transition times

“Penny’s experience of living the same FIFO life meant that she really got what we were dealing with on a daily basis – in the trenches”

We had been living the FIFO life for two years when we contacted Penny. It was a bit of a disaster, what we thought was going to be great was causing us to drift apart and be snappy and needy of each other.

I found it really hard trying to manage our 3 kids on our own and they really missed their dad. My husband enjoyed his work but when he came home we had very different ideas of how things should be and it caused a lot of aruging.

Penny really supported us to put in strategies to help and her experience living the same FIFO life meant that she really got what we were dealing with on a daily basis – in the trenches. We were able to connect again as a couple and learn to understand what each of us needed. It is still hard some days but we see it as an adventure now and it allows us to do so many things we wouldn’t have been able to do.

Kylie and Steve


Hi I’m Penny

I get what you are going through. I was a FIFO wife and parent for 16 years and I get the struggles and stress of not only adjusting to living a FIFO life but the challenges that transition times bring to the home.

However I also appreciated the many benefits it brought to our life.

I was pregnant with our second daughter when we made the decision to try the FIFO life. My husband originally worked 5 days a week located 600 km from where we lived. He returned for 48 hours and left again.

I still remember the shock and sheer overwhelm I experienced as I tried to adjust to this life and raise 2 young children on my own half the year.

I totally get what you are expereincing right now – the good, bad and the ugly of the FIFO life.

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